The Composition He Composes

He needed the music for his own merit ...
to be an Eagle Scout
all he needed was to compose four bars to the badge
all he was missing was the thinking he could compose
so he choose to plagiarize ...

what he thought was an obscure piece
to make his Boy Scout dream complete
he took, bow to strings he played the part
to Eagle Scout

Musical merit badge counselor listened
and heard more than the boy could discern
deposing him
asking him in her giving, ... him his moment
she ..., “Did you compose this?”
he..., “Yes I did”
her, “Are you sure?”
and with a look of concern she gave him a pass ...
and he flew through this passage as
Eagle ...

Age and decades and now he was bald ...
eyes now saw the import ... stance of your word
“Are you sure?”
did she know, now he knew the importance of the answer

she did him a favor, did she, he thought so
or did she savor his word as a ... ward to scout out ...

The composure
the composition he composes
is his hymn
to all moments, scenes seen and unseen
truths, lies, keys white and black opportunities
all earn comprehension that your word, words
create sound the music is your ...

answer to the question did you compose ...

“Yes I did”