Ring Tones to the Head

Whether it’s C.T.E. or P.E.T. blows to the head
may be seen as waves of future shock

Their stock has soared Super Bowls and cell phones
hits to the head, hands to ear
we’ve all heard the cheers from ball fields to board rooms
stand up sit down now comes the wake up...
warning hits to the head
is a toll call

Electrifying or electromagnetic, kinetic or frenetic
spearing or hearing too many ring tones
is a hel-cel to your head but to your brain it’s...
spelled chronic traumatic encephalopathy, C.T.E.,
can only be read when you’re dead
so Duerson shot himself in the heart, all pro that he was
he wanted his head tissues seen
so others would see the product liability
that isn’t seen when youth and stardom and touchdowns raise you up
but when you break down and nobody remembers, not even you
blows to the head helmets for war or field goals
our brain raises a white flag to these false flag operations

spelled Positron Emission Tomography, P.E.T., I love my cell phone
twenty years ago we dialed up, now the spin is wireless
revolution success,...Tahrir but what about our ears
holy entrance to a sphere can you hear

Heightened activity in the brain, waves of change
Facebook, Twitter, Tweets
it’s sweet
don’t forget to blog...just don’t forget clear cutting logs
left our streams and forest dreams...
in the wrong hands, we get held up

Heads up with a heightened awareness let’s hope cell phones,
phone booth isn’t supercharged signals
full of helmetless victims not of war or field goals
but head shots from boardrooms built for returns
just not yours