The Only Way Out

Fortunately for him, he was sitting above
when his beloved
entered the scene, for which he was the means

It was the end
to what began again as romance
fortunately for him, he was up in the loft
when talk from below opened the front door
for far more than he had seen…

though he should’ve been ready
more….his “Is that you” and “It’s me”…
than four more father, mother, brother, uncle
and he knew his relationship was through

First he came to….
my door, my house, my things……
he knew what he stood for and four
at his door was far too few….
for his past

Then for the first time he knew
that this scene was a means
to how he could end
all these relationship scenes

that begin
with romance, a dance, a waltz….
a change of course into a worst case scenario
what could be worst
your house, a break-up entry
a rescue
in queue with who….

You sit and think
on the brink of your own mission
you search
before you destroy another scene
by your demons…..haunting your house
hands carrying out
what you brought about

About this time you got up and went out
you closed the door and left without regret
which begot a feeling and you felt that you might just….
have begun with an ending
that left
behind what was downstairs
having been above
a scene of your make…ing
so you could see that your thoughts
are about
the only way out