Dis … Missed

He was my brother, or so I thought
or so I was taught
within the rigid world of my previous thoughts

I dared to share a fair, E, tale
of woods and coulds, I thought I should
but I found he wouldn’t listen, to what I had to say
for the sway was a swing swung from a limb
too far out for him
it was a counter, to his cultured ways
too outta balance
from his fulcrum
of reasonable and right

Uptight, made slight of me and what was meaningful to me
on that stardust forest lit night
magical, mystical, mysterious nights
made him more upright, in the midst of my insights

I, in his living room, reliving a dream of a Toltec like dome
not of Rome, but a higher and healing realm
I tried to tell him, that my fear of death, and
the dying of our father and mother, didn’t
bother me now for I knew … but before I was through!
… he flew into disbelieving

Of my being under the influence not of the Pope
what he called dope, it was a rope
to swing open his door and dismiss my dream
and the trance…formation in me, he asked me to exit
on entrance into my stance of a cosmic dance
of swirl and whirl leading to light at the end of the tunnel of death

A threat to him and his, and he wouldn’t allow himself
to give life or breath, to accept or let
me or my mortality veil, reveal my new reality
for I
had taken a substance, beneath the legal threshold
to behold a belief, not taken in sermons

To him testament to heresy
he wouldn’t even hear and wasn’t about, to allow me to say
I’d been to a mount
not main…tained by science or blame

shouted his shame, on me, his silence was,
his aim on me, a Big Brother claim on me
my mind
redefined by me
missed on him

I was dismissed by him
he dismissed the me in he
he dismissed me
he wouldn’t miss, me
which is to dis … me
which is what dis … stance is
a dis … connection from