May ... an Healing 2012

one two
two one
one two
someones sometwos
we’re never alone
as above so below
we come and we go
we’re on our way...


an Healing 2012

From the L. A. Times to the New York Times coast to coast
from the Vatican to priests
from Boy Scouts to Navy Seals
from high school to the academy’s
if you fall from grace from the human race can you ever stand
and look yourself in the face

Mirror, mirror cracked and wrinkles in any age
only you know what you’ve done and what’s been done
if you’re done, what becomes of what’s been done
distortions linings of the mind and body from yours to theirs
how does it feel if it can never be healed
ruin lives, ruin homes images you hold
can they ever be let go

and if they stay is there a way to reconcile
files and isles oceans and seas
if you lie and never wake your sleep will never rise to peace
is there rest if you took a piece of earnesty and honesty
from the nest or the pack, lack of virtue poverty of killing scenes
can you complete a life if you took vitality of someone’s potion
of innocent tranquility
the thrill of youth and you is youthfulness
can you cup your hands when they hold such infidelities
there’s hell to pay consciousness knows its way...

When found if ever it’s never ending
it’s always been there, now you see, it’s everywhere
where you are and where you were you can’t go back so where’s the

For abuse and abuser, if you’ve killed, the killer
ruined lives, ruined homes
executions, incarnations, suicides, mental illness, depression
Post Traumatic Stress Dis...order

Healing for trespass
it’s hard to come back to where you once were
innocent, innocence
lost in all its degrees, leaves us cold

Is there redemption how can there be
it’s very hard, seeing, yourself in the past it lasts
should you proceed if your shadow still casts you back
no real healing lives in the dark
know to see you healing you must live in the light
living knowing, you healing is the only healing
that follows you, look back but
the way
to become the healing that became

you, ... changed