Patting a dog, the Scot’sman, touched his back...
bone and there he didn’t know was a memory
the growl and near bite and the Scot’s man friend
yelped he understood

Having himself long standing triggers that took him back...
back problems back triggers to his problem
he wondered if he could perman...ently pull his
fingertips from his trips to his lips or his key...
board his voice voiced or written if hit
with his past or passing touch on it
could set him off with a bark and biting
comment, commentary that the present should be wary
the stroke of hope is the foresight of not returning
turning memories into the hegemony of an endlessly
at a reflection that drowns you and all around you
in a false fate a con...template that sets you down
that takes you to a place to be...triggered

not by now you’ve come so far
but the call you made to yesterday
answe...ring not seeing portends
the triggering pulling you is an I...solated
that needs to be whole

A remembering
that doesn’t growl or bite its tale, coyote free
to howl to the fullness of a present
a future that encircles his all