The Wedge or Darkness Fading

Rising sun, setting moon, rising moon, setting sun
wild ponies, chariots, enlightened nights, and heavy loads
how do you bask in a reflective moon

How do you bask in a reflective full moon
if the mist upon its face is a mast that carries your ship
sinking, to the dark side of a sunken past

The time and tide has come for you
the pulling and pushing away
if it stays, its undertows
deep rippling impressions on the soula
will wash away footprints towards that other shore
footprints, footprints washed away, away
from the ship of relationships

How do you bask in the light of the moon
in a mist that’s a mask, creating tears
that blur reality in the shape of your fears
dripping ‘til ripping apart the years
only time will tell, how many moons
will it take
to change
that cycle
that rides you under its tow

The moon has phases that raises the possibility of change
its darkness is lightness if seen the right way
its phases amazes as it moves through the night
it crosses the sky
never loses its way

The way out of darkness, just follow the moon
the light in its darkness is out on its edge
the light in the darkness is out on the edge
toward fulfillment

Finding that edge, is a wedge in perception
that allows you to see through the dark
to see is a light wave that can be ridden to way
a way from that darkness
that recycles itself
as a sickle, reaping its wheat, before it gains

the seed you need
to fulfill the dream
a full harvest moon