Google gobbles up Thanksgiving
an ignition to ….. stop
search engines that start…
off track find a startling fact
just when you thought you were
number one adding up your sum
someone says…over and over
spiders who spin from a web not owned by them
better not spend hope for dividends

This realm has a spell
checked by checks written in algorithms
that rhyme to a march of dimes
meters that run
in a time…you can’t define

You can find in this time
out of linear line
cycles that don’t turn on a dime
but deepen your mind
where you’ll find your spiritual side
this mind
is a shaft of light
in the darkest of times

It weaves a web that doesn’t…
dead end
it isn’t spun to what you spend
it weaves a rug so you can stand
to send
what never ends

The search that finds…you
refines your lines
to ig…knight an inner light
that always
takes a charge
to spark
the rim of him