Ode Cursive Waves

Handwriting is old lore for the “Common Core”
this dam
to flowing letters pouring from the mind to man’s hand is...
an automated signature to advance a new pattern of life
old cursive’s sign is up against the standard call, one type fits all
fingertips typing out the text
it’s ez to read, it’s fast, it’s quick let’s just hope the textures
of your mind, released from ether, the or, of your veins is as rich
oh, creative ways fewer waves in the new grain to gain the...
“Common Core”

the analytical, parts subjected to, digital tapping out computer based skills
digits, from Phys. Ed. to Fantasy Football, from cursive to cursor
I hope it’s not a slippery slope into nope I can’t read that note
that dope is old school, loopy troglodyte, luddite weaving handwritten
won’t be read, it’s dead hieroglyphics our type yelps in or...bits
to the alpha satellite

Your bit hand writ
unread, unheard a cursive hymn blown in an amplified wind
seeding another lost communication gone the way of mailman
the mermaid the yeti
he’s and she’s .................... not seen
just that bit we can’t read, their sig...natures