Structural Awareness

On vacation visiting Storm King my friends
a mechanical and structural engineer
sculptors in their own field of degrees, they saw something, they agreed
the focal point
a hinge support they couldn’t see, a must see

For me I assumed it could be, just an image not for me
missing their degrees I was more interested in the trees
but later it made me see
angles of interest 360 degrees from which we proceed

I see Bush’s in Obama’s deeds structural and mechanical
functioning secrecies
from Desert Storm to O.I.L. to Hope and Change
the same
men at work

Class...ical physics so big you don’t see
the lie
the Gulf course, the putting, the false flag
the Great Game
the clubs, the little white balls, the bombs bursting in error
and the hole

Down down down
little light beams coming together till they belie
the lie
the given position...

hinges on your thinking known and unknown separate or whole
in one and all or
in some and done

Structural awareness
thought out