Terrapin ... to the rabbit in the moon
if the Aztecs had seen the emptiness of Cortes’ sailing ships
the beginning as the runaway runways from the sea to flight
might the snowy owl of this hour know the tundra from the tarmac

JFK, La Guardia, Newark Liberty, these dozen or so snowy feathered friends
landing south, running out of lemmings, due to a snowy “population boom”
they run into our population zoom...
problematic blending are we lemmings to the sea and in the air
not seeing the precipice in our flat out rush to flight and fight

from airplanes to towers to snowy owls dozens not hundreds
running our ways
dozens to hundreds in Afghanistan or Yemen The Base
to take flight and fight from shore to sea, air and land
de...foliating leaves runways so we can see only

De...lemmings, golden-eyed creatures like to eat
they no longer meet so far south and mouths to feed
dilemma sucked into a turbine, nesting on a runway sign
they’re assigned to a “kill list” we don’t need a drone yet
but if there’s too many “snowy” weddings
near the wetlands of our Air...

Port Authorities “Shoot First”
this con...course is taking flight from Florida to L.A. to
it’s a hood...y it’s a bird, it’s a beard, it’s our signature strike
we’re out or John Handcocks birds of that flock would be shocked
snowy owls were last shot in the movies
Harry Potter had his Hedwig and we need a happy ending
to terrapins on the tarmac and owls on our concourse

The conquistadors reached our shores and we went sea to sea
to air is there a rabbit or a man on the moon
the lemming to man’s means are in the beginning
and the ending is we’ll...