This Spiderman Has Webs

The contranym of Big Pharma
for the robotics of Factory Farming “stocks” of animals
we never thought of the shock of
antibiotics in the animals we eat as meat
mean those antibiotics are a treat
for the superbugs they meet in us

Garnishing a Big Pharma hymn
adding antibiotics to animals to gain weight and survival
till death due to slaughter
sanctions a consumption that consumes about 23,000 hims and hers
that’s humans a year

us your downtrodden, overcrowded, diseased and proceed
by FDA decree don’t mandate that’s Obamacare and human disease
or for an herb federally Schedule it One dangerous weed
oh DEA it’s never killed anyone but when it comes

meat, chicken, pork industries superbugs penicillin and tetracycline
just say, add it to their feed?
no mandate this spiderman has webs in Washington D.C. so all we need
is a handshake and say we raise and feed antibiotics to these underlings
but we voluntarily ... meat our proceeds responsibly

a prescription
for salmonella and all the other little fellas to proceed
to succeed in U.S.
HmmmmBug contranym
protein proceeds to the demise in one and the rise in another