Coo Coup You Man You Script

There was a time when they were afraid…
his behavior laid, in the way he was…
raised, behaved, choices he made
man of letters, rising and falling he never got
a be he, u yes lots of you’s a who

“Are you having thoughts of suicide”
his psy…chiatrist asked…
“I’m way past that, I never think of that”
there he sat, forty years pass heart attack, a stroke
a black out or two there was a time
his best friends knew

his manuscript might have read
man of promise on an isle with a view
never saw the rooster coo…
to mornings rising where
only he being true could take, his place, author
of his coup

Thai coup, no no no his coup his rose
stemming a tide, for title rise
as Sunny Rays he’d Penned Resistance to the fears
of friends no more foes
weighted death woes, suicide, heart attack black out manuscript…

his script
now writes in the shape his warrior self takes
care to make sure
his letters form a man made play on…
law of attraction lava attraction
flowing in a knowing which was always his
stroke of genius
creating a peak in the ocean
of him’s
his key, … note, now always gets…

it’s his see