I Just Got Hit…

I just got hit with a 1.3 billion light-year
gravitational wave
I feel different
I don’t know if its heavier faster or more or less time-space
it wasn’t a see wave it was a tsunami of a different turbulence
so tiny but it wiped our windows clean
into a doorway opening views you can only listen to
it isn’t matter but a fact that just passed through me
we just received a black hole merger

delivering waves of a three sun mass a revelation
peaking at more power then all the visible stars
mirror mirror at the end of tubes
a spike of light
mirror mirror in my room
wrinkle ripples the face of time and space
the gravity of these is hitting me

Spatial relationships accelerating into 4th
take the 5th consciousness
we’re invading what we’re made of don’t CRISPR that
embryo yo yo you
hold that editing we don’t know how the story unfolds
the Higgs bo/son of science is a footprint of the God Particle
insinuating what we can see light wavelengths
electromagnetics infrared radio x-rays

It’s a new day
the unknown bosom that ripples in us and our DNA
must now also be heard
gravitational waves
maybe modifying babies of our, own, design is premature

The gravity
of CRISPR/Cas 9 on down the road, beings, “Off Target”
bullishness of dense scientism
altering and editing an entity now passing through
an undreamed beginning

An unaltered finger…print waves through us
not absorbed not matter not scattered, systems and objects, not seen
but heard, maybe we should listen, hear and stop
CRISPR…ing that which we don’t know all about
genomes spliced for an ad…venture capital gold rush

Before we devolve how we evolve maybe we should solve
how galaxies and stars like ours deal with
the gravity
of beams we ride just now being discovered through “L’s”
bent on earth one arm stretched one arm compressed
embracing emanations from the fabric
of our universe

The curvature of space the timing a signal
the karma of collisions reaches us through
a spike of light, the intelligence, we are just now detecting

Detection is our instrument it doesn’t need redesigning
it just needs to re-find its meaning its feelings
listening in…strument we to spheres Pythagorus heard
dimensions and realms distorted by our current see…
authority of a trick treatment of a 3D life sentence

that is shifting into fourth
and its effects project a fifth
bearing witness to a paradigm
of a just beginning that never ends