But the Truth…

The Earth First banjo played in an old mill town
to deeper things “Old Growth” and “Kalmiopsis”
both in view from their mountain home
the pizza didn’t make it through the night
but the thought filled evening is with us now

Weed is legal but the truth
has a date few will go out with
the eleventh of September lies in remembrance
more self-expression may be more repression
“Linked in”
may be a chain and ball all self-censuring
to bring in the bread

half baked up the road across the creek
amongst the big trees important
population control who conceived
if a he says no to the seed but she doesn’t agree
this him should pay for a night so out of tune with daughter/son light
meant to be lit by a father mother agreement not a matchless
litigation arrangement

Looking up thou art our cover art lanes to the clouds
down on earth the varied trees reaching for the sky
the pizza why
it didn’t make it through the night
so we could sit and savor

dining with you