She did

At a cashier checkout counter a baby that couldn’t
walk couldn’t talk thought she knew me
and said
“I know you”

and three heard her, her mother said
“Did she just say, …
I know you?”
and the cashier and I said, “She did” in unison

Are there unicorns there are GMO’s
oh my god what we might not know
about reproduction let alone reincarnation
phobias, past lives, facts, physical, vital, mental, supramental, ground
how many bodies do we have

Present past future near death dying death
did I know her
she knew me, … she knew and had to say so

To explain away, … this knowing, … passing a way as one way
isn’t age old
as the baby’s quantum memory feat lifted my soul
I walked to the parking lot opened the car door turning
the key…

she knew me, looking in the rear view mirror I heard anew
I drove off looking through a non-local window, … shield