Yelp Yelp Re…view

Add another note to the anecdotal symphony
of sights and sounds that expound, …
there’s more, then you, that see
and here…
a shaman enters and the coyotes yelp
yelp yelp
reviews coming through who who’s tuning
should you listen to

you’re just about to do what does you in…
tuitions quantum healing thought
that itch to scratch a poison pass
to descend

the heat’s beneath the sun and under
the skin the prick of inquisition whiches to the hitching post
hear and see the world as seen without the unseen resonance
which rises above the aviary of temporary

remembering enlightening strikes carry that glance
gracing the sacred way to rest
in peace
the calm reflection is deep enough enough
the bluff
that all you see is the herd and precipice the cliff

feed to follow through
to fall
into that view that pools you into Genetically Mandated Orders
your’…in to and fro

temper reality through the all


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