Rock of Ages in the anthropocene
eccentric path
interstellar asteroid
in an egocentric century A.I. A.I. have we forgot the importance
of the dark side
artificial intelligence arrives in the midst of the artificially lit
as we wit…ness the first I.A.

I ask
are we on steroids enhanced by our own light…ness oppressing the all…
seeing night
Oumuamua Interstellar Asteroid spinning like a pencil
writes in the night I.A. I.A. mind-boggling

to a surface earth under the man’s light
darkness almost invisible we can’t see our stars
Milky Way to earthlings you’re losing sight
worshipping your bling shining your might into the night
sowing so we won’t be able to see the intrinsic nursery need
to sail in thought throughout the interstellar sea

the bosom the breast the rest of galaxy
the peace
the Higgs-Boson the God Particle the dark
of dreams
A.I. aye I artificially lit have we forgot the dark we need
electricity seeps leaks creeps not just out of cities
but LED’s and digitally
our day-night cycle spun out out of the dark
it may be a lightmare out of compare

a Trojan Horse gift lit by a flip and a switch from a day night shift
into a reign of light
a pollination pollution a confusing nocturnal for bats and bees
a ticking time malilluminating of all we
how soon will it be till we’re too bright to see
the moon let alone the stars

we find ourselves screened we need a mov…we
to the dark rode back to see our Milky Way
from Mother Earth Father Sun to galaxy
reflecting our innate intelligence
I.I. to see
in the dark