The Essence Between

The night before he was shot he asked for a spot
of his art on her wall
he was an artist then and so was she
siblings sharing a room in a home of nine
children with a single mom no pop living in poverty

He had a tree fort in the woods
a neighbor teen with a gun with or without aim
shot with view to the tree he was in shed wound to the head
he bled and in two days was dead

Sister thy art drawn out
remembering he was loved by she
picturing life without frame
his portrait would blend through walls
through all she drew

Inspiration that rose without budding
can be a flowering we
or a depression in thee the night before he was shot
he’d asked for a spot
art thou now without walls dying the veil

hears only the meaning of being a teen
seeing the continuing we
living through loving becoming old age
living and dying

rising a seeing a he and a she
the essence