Roger That…

that revelation on retaliation
that weather born on earlier relationship storms
where the umm…brella was to reign down upon
the scene perceived a torrent a flash flood a damning burst
fulfilling a thirst so well nursed that his thumb finds its finger
grips his pen and taps out its curse
for worst then his head hurts and the heart misses a beat

that then a revolutionary movement beheld him
from criss-crossing the rubicon of a checked past that betrayed
the rising tide inside
a weaning a passing into meaning to be

instead of drowning in a shallow script writ
by influencers outside his self that had always
brought him to a confluence in rapids and raging
falling into a down stream
a stagnation sunk in thoughts then regretted

reached up and grabbed
his hands touched through his deepening thoughts
a toast
to Rogering that that which hadn’t worked into a search
now found
spellbound the unsaid lead loose ends end
then by design the way through is knew
the labyrinth is within it hears in amazement
here here

your release


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