Sunflower Dream

Swa…mi amor master spirit
unlocking the thoughts that lift me aloft
princess of valleys and peaks into the subtleties and realities
the birds and the bees sunflower dreams
following sunny rays days and other shore waves
surfing the imagination of being
a smile riding up and down miles turning the corners
into bends so things come around

in a pyramid where a red dragon lives
streaming a tale without blues
reading poetry to a totem that pulses in universes unseen
she believes that heard they’ll return

lending her soul is all that she knows
given this vision the hillside hawks soar
what more
in the valley of Simi a wild pony unherd
stay wild

awake asleep
the swa…mi amor is the lore that adores
this passage we make made with or’s in a calming
knowing the rise is the way through the night
some say this might is just the candle