Just as Real as Here

There is a place called
Love and Understanding
you can actually go there you can actually live there
it’s as real as anywhere

is love and understanding
and there is where
you want
to be

love and understanding
exists it’s a realm just as real as here
is its proper place it isn’t a dependency of this or that these or those young or old
it’s an independency
to see you may face other ways of seeing
see sawing
but the cutting edge is to where

to find
the lines to know that you can go
Love and Understanding
it’s a fine tuning turning here to there
when heard
is here

the more you go the closer you get
to know that just because you can’t stay in love and understanding
it’s the movement that attunes you

to your faith a fabric that forms a sail that sets you on a wave
to see
it’s what you believe
just a fun…da…mental thing to think
to be
love and understanding