Storytellers’ Storyteller


Managing roots into a band

likes it flat as in horizontal like a flow
marketing spreadsheets into music sheets with a cover
got them into Huck Finn Avocado
the mix in the guacamole is the harmony and discipline
of fun…damentally
becoming creators in partnership
with what
thou art
richness in living together inspiring a trippy

Tao like
at the why they didn’t ask just took the task
that blasts
a motion a movement a positive story
a telling promotion
hip grateful indie-folksters kind with a front row…
ing to their own depth

Images posters videos
sowing of time and money into the fabric
vibrating captivating your own provocation
for doing is reality
lit by listening and owning your story
local bands bring togetherness creativity communing

in food thought the lots and lots that connect
an illustrated meaning to being
one in a string of interconnected vibrations
that sing in the key

that same wave is an ongoing practice
without end it has shores you go aboard
strumming at becoming beginning another day
arising to articulate another stage
is a sound system

management is providing the quality to your experience
looking up your own lucky stars
is the ride is the hope…ful tide from time to time
to always rise
to decide to play the stage
is an arrangement that bands to your

is the proverbial movement for any one’s story
so too the Storytellers right path
is to do to increase creation
by creating a commitment to tell
their best