New Year Resolutive


The missing link is that we think
and how
we think about life and death and all the rest
the missing link doesn’t need
a middle man
it’s thought that’s everything
if we miss this link we could forget that a love lost
was ever found
that a happiness that isn’t happening
ever happened

The missing link is that we think
beyond the pond and puddles that muddle
then a splash and a flash provides the other side

The missing link art thou thought controlled
what makes you think you’re one
not all
a mathematics with a tic for reductionism subtraction and division
grounding you from sea to shore
from seeing evermore

Missing links are taught it’s elementary to think your sum is
something’s missing
we’re not complete you must compete survival of the fittest
fits you’re taught in school a fix
it fits your footprints in the sand evolutionary man stands stones throw from its sea
not seeing you’re the seed of infinity
its consciousness in everything you see is you’re consciousness
growing in a cosmic constant relation to the dazzling darkness
of our unseen frequency a vibration in the mind

missing link change the way you think and find instead of a chipped monk
wandering in life and death debt doubt and loss
find a hue of man standing in a monastery of your own making
arising in an absolute awareness that what’s missing

your thinking lost in the space between your ears
a nose for hearing and seeing tasting and touching
a chain of events that holds you chained to events you’re linked in
shadows to your shaping

shifting missing links light gathering thoughts on peaks
seeing things not tracked or traced timed or placed
it’s snowing knowing missing links and sunny rays
are tributaries to a flow a rising see horizon we
can never miss