The ancient Greek messenger from Demeter

bringing the potion to this portion called life
ringing in the present that afterlife
doesn’t need an intermediary

just a chariot with a chalice so your cup can
run over this life into afterlife
life controlled by religion was never for those
spiritual but not religious

so freeing it had to be captured
your genius throttled not released
choked off at the burning stake for hierarchies sake
asphyxiation crucifixion the criss crossing out
of ancient rituals that brought thought out and up
through paleo pagan christianity to Dionysus to Jesus

The trip-told-to-us
scientifically shortened to a material life
vision contained
by turning the wine and witches brew
that the ancients knew
plant based allies alchemy into the artistry
of visionary views
turned into a eucharist empty of the ingredients needed
for the richness to renew

Religion and politics’ cliques redrew us into stick figures withdrawn
into empty vessel version
body of flesh bread and blood run red but unable to read
the ingredients that set you free are the grains of the mysteries

Blinded by the greed the need to fold you in a book
end form that life is dead
the body of us rises with the tread divine
empty wine is a twine wrapping us in a body bag

con…formed without the visionary psychedelic
that the Last Supper is a portion
that lasts