The Thee to Be

I always knew I liked him
but relationships grow like
any other beginning
in the see of life the end is insight
in meeting
friends of he or she you may see something in between
not fully seen the planted seed

unseen take long to breathe and branch
then to undercast a shade on a sunny summer day
that filtered light that mighty might in between
the limbs the leaves
the arms the bough the thee or tree unfold a hold
a held within the deeper hymn
a where where a he or she goes to grow
in fields of what they want to know

Attractions don’t become the promised actions
other thoughts may succeed
disfavors falling failures life changers
ways and means nothing wrong with these
some roots trip and turn that’s just how you learn

to begin to see the shape to take
shift through the rooted life’s complexities not meant for spirit’s flow
and tie a dye to colorful entanglements anchoring a more
certain shore
detours revel the waves of storm and born
captives capsizing in this overwhelming world
into that sinking feeling being served

raise the rise when we rise to gather
a brought together
that has stayed the course of a growing unknowing
now known
a happenstance a knowing glance is a looking glass
a seeing
past present future

The sudden wind that sets a sail
if caught you catch a tale
you always knew you’d like
to see
through insight the seed to root
the thee to be