A Memento From the Memorial in the Meadow

There are two sides to the same experience

and they are in…separable
one in front of you one in back of you
and the
neither one is all there is to you

Couples creation and the making of wo…man
a becoming from invisible to visible to indivisible
life performs in light and the afterlife back lights
the moving meaning
of the evolving living leaving
giving back ground to what comes round
the conductivity connecting

heavens sake the scene serene
in reflective beams we play out doubt and come about
remembering in the seen is a rare land indeed
a clearing existing in existence
a divine minding a mineable seeing to the other side
there is no precipice to die is not the divide
the ponder in the yonder is the seeing through the passing through

The wish we all come to
in a sum…moning for the ones
of the precious see now waves unseen
raise a feeling still…ness that never leaves
but lifts us in essence a breath away
and thank the day
we shared
this way