Shock on the Field of Dreams

The shock of life and death
in the unexpected
in person
the shock of PTSD

The screen in between
can mislead

The current scene on national T.V. and the distance to other…
vac…u.s. scenes
currencies pipelines being played out
in fields from Afghanistan to Kuwait to the White House
a Buffalo Bills player’s cardiac arrest creates a seeing
shock on the field of dreams
hits our hearts

In a view from the sidelines it hones and helps us
to examine what is being done in our name
the game may be explained but what of the U.S.A.
engaged in violent ways for corporate gains

A crazy peek the shaken path a fallen thee
puts into relief are we our deeded principles
or have we seceded from our stated anti-imperial

We take our hat off to this Bills player and the choice
Bill of Rights
but of helmets overseas and the screen
do we see the shock of life and death
is our perception’s veil
the distance in between
the viewer and the dream