There is Dark…ness is a Suff… Fixsure

Dark fills in light

dark the night day the light
there is dark… energy is we
you can be
the seed growing into your own darkness
shades the day and night

Dark and light day and nightly we come to see
darkness is a fix…sure it’s who is mining you
it’s your ruse the strip searching mind the
mine blind tailings of a fellowing ailment in the process of decline
darkness is a pigment instilled a brew to confuse
a fuse you turn on in a dimming
your muse rising that rose climbing the divine

shady bends to what ends on a sunny day
pulled over and over then under
shadow casts back tracks to un well worn ties
railroading views swerving spinning serving
shallow ends turning on friends giving way
darkness’s reins reeling in a reign

Life fades
Hades has its ways
phases into a man…invested in vestments he puts on
impressions suited to ties he mirrors
reflections of an emperor clothed in his own thoughts
lost in a castled past

Withdraw the drawn bridge fill in the moat
a picture taking you to see…
sawing away on half yesterdays
is a teetering plot

Balance your thoughts up and downs come round
dark…ness is a suffix
it’s a fix-sure a fixture of forces inside and outside
that own you and you own
in a setting
the table turns round in spheres of light
when you believe you are the knights
in your life