The Trip Out

How many grains does it take
to gain the seashore

Within us
we hear the call
we carry our shell
listening to an inner …. ear
that hears a call
that we all share

The movement
that moves us
grains of sand
composed to take us from the land
to see where we all meet

The shoreline seen, from sandy beach
can be reached if those offshore
make a move
to see

Be we of sea legs or feet
the assurance that we’ll meet
from coast to coast from land or sea
breaks when

The depth of our journey
is seen
by those who perceive
the tracks in the sand
are washed away
with the tide
that takes no sides

We ride waves of our vision and decisions
to stick our head ….. out
to see
not to shout it’s me
but to begin the trip out
from within